We design customized digital learning experiences

We understand that each participant must learn whenever they want, where they want and through the device of their choice.

We transform any technical or non-technical training into a meaningful learning experience, which generates an immediate behavior change in the workplace.

The content focus on real problems that participants face and are involved in defining their own learning objectives

How is the LEARNEST Experience?

Focused on Development

The learning path begins with the definition of behavioral objectives and its design mobilizes participants towards strengthening their skills and improving their performance.

Relevant and Significant

The lessons in microlearning reinforce in a practical way key concepts, tools and resources that will facilitate the successful performance of the participants in their real work environments.

Challenging and fun

By overcoming the learning challenges, the good performance of the participants is rewarded with a gamification system that awards points, medals and status in the ranking board.

Interactive and in a Team

By living a LEARNEST experience, participants have a community of virtual tutors who will accompany them throughout the learning path, promoting their development process.


It is only possible to improve what can be measured. Both participants and their leaders or talent management professionals will constantly receive progress regarding the achievement of behavioral objectives through indicators of progress and performance.

Friendly and Adaptable

Visually attractive and easy-to-navigate environments that allow participants to learn at their own pace and style: each participant can choose the time, place and device of their choice.

According to Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichnger,
creators of the learning model


Development occurs through concrete work experiences, projects, tasks, and problem solving in the workplace.

Development takes place through the relationship with other colleagues, feedback, observation and sessions with coaches, mentors and leaders.

Development occurs through structured courses, face-to-face training, conferences, e-learning, readings,

Within our methodology we design

Through challenges and projects in the workplace.

We develop it through virtual sessions with LEARNEST coaches

Of the process with relevant theoretical concepts.

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